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Sunday, October 21

yo, straight up here is the deal

dusted & disgusted screwed & chopped is on my headphones
Anyways, I have this new thing I am getting started. I need about $200 to make it roll, though honestly I could get by getting it rolling probably with $100. Can't tell you what it is, other than it's real, and can't promise you anything in return, other than a share of what comes from it, but if you feel like supporting the madness of the black bird mindframe, hit that paypal donation button over there on the right side. If you do make it a gift so that paypal don't be jocking our exchange of grip unnecessarily. I will tell you that the first issue of this new thing is inspired by reading Rene Guenon and his The Reign of Quantity and Signs of the Times. I am a primordial traditionalist.

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kami said...

waiting for tax breaks... or at least parenting allowance... then a few aussie dollars will be comin yr way...