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Monday, October 22

"you either build or destroy, where you come from?"

in 5% Islam philosophy, 85% are lost, 5% try to civilize the lost and build, and 10% are outright destroyers who have no care about anything other than stacking quantities of finance on top of the graves of humanity. that is the western notion of civilization, though it's not civilized at all, unless you accept that civilization is a perversion, which sometimes I must admit I am almost ready to accept. but to accept that is to give up on the human potential, and knowing my own path I know every human has infinite potential inside if they can focus in on it in the appropriate ways. devils can shoot billion dollar rovers onto Mars, but you can sit spot a Mars rover into your own universe, and it ain't but one thing to realize but still it stacks taller than a billion dollars. word is bond motherfucker.

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thanks to dj brilliant for aiding my math