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Thursday, October 16

2014 Hand-to-Hand Haiku Tournaments

ROJONEKKU HAND-TO-HAND HAIKU NONSENSE. Probably worth nothing there are only two of these officially left for the year - the last Richmond one and then the year-end championship invitational nonsense. Participation has waned at times recently, as has enthusiasm both from others as well as myself. Looking forward to shutting it down for the winter and perhaps coming back with a revamped style next spring. BUT FOR NOW LET'S MAKE THESE LAST TWO EVENTS RAUCOUS AFFAIRS OF BEAUTIFUL NONSENSE GIBBERISH!
  • October 22: Balliceaux, Richmond, VA, 8:00 pm sign-up, 8:30 pm kick-off
  • November 8: BON, Charlottesville, VA, 7:00 pm sign-up, 7:30 pm kick-off

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