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Wednesday, November 5

Final Hand-to-Hand Haiku Showdown of 2014

So this is the end of the second year of this thing, Saturday, November 8, at BON Cafe Wildstyle Spot on South Street about two blocks off the stupid Downtown Mall in Charlottesville. There is a $5 suggested encouraged you might as well cover at the door (capped at $15 per family, if you are bringing family, which you should, because this is family-friendly). There will be a large year-end championship tournament. It says Invitational but I may let anybody compete because I am a practicing chaoticist. Also there will be music by Harli Saxon, an amazing young singer-songwriter from the area. And of course there will be all the normal Raven Mack Rojonekku nonsense gibberish.

I contemplated putting a dagger into the heart of these events, but I have been conjuring spirits by my field rock altar, and envisioning a revamped format for 2015. So we will be back for a new season next calendar year. But, as always (which is not so obvious being this is only the second year), we will take off the winter, horde our haiku nuts for self, sit by the fire wearing fresh pelts so fresh and so clean clean, and prepare both physically and mentally and heartfully for next year. But let's go out with a blast. Let us conjure up and manifest "It". What is "It"? I don't know. I don't even know "I". If I can't know "I" which seems by our language to be the first half of "It", how can I truly know "It", in a way that can define it using the limitation of words? I can't. But we will try to manifest "It" in full and living motherfucking effect, on November 8. Word is bond (as well as bondage).

ADDITIONAL NOTE ABOUT THE COMPETITION ITSELF ON NOVEMBER 8: Competitors are coming from east, north, south, and west. Originally I had envisioned this as an invitation-only competition, but instead it's going to be wide open to whoever wants to compete, though those who have competed and won in the past will be advanced out of preliminary round. You can use any haiku from throughout the year as well, as it's 2014 Championship so to speak, so again, word.

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