RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition who publishes zines & physical books & electronic books & music & photography & digital art & just generally whatever feels necessary to survive this deluded earth thru Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts survival systems (Version 69, establish 14 Feb 1973). Comments encouraged.

Thursday, October 16


#1: experi mental/experiential rental/of this physical
#2: mental broke into/fragments - digital haiku/shards stabbing boredom
#3: boredom with this life/with these routines considered/civilized & right
#4: moralities of/right & wrong - panopticon/pyramid power
#5: judgment from on-high/by uncrushed eyeballs watching/slaves all directions
#6: I-self-slavery/who am lord and master, bro/master destiny
#7: fuck masters, find mates/fuck revolution, let's make/dopamine like dogs
#8: (get it? doggy style)/(wolfie style)(coyote style)/(trickster raven style)
#9: "raven" is "real name"/it's what earth people called me/from the beginning
#10: off-the-grid off-earth/no name necessary, just/pure raw energy

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