RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition who publishes zines & physical books & electronic books & music & photography & digital art & just generally whatever feels necessary to survive this deluded earth thru Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts survival systems (Version 69, establish 14 Feb 1973). Comments encouraged.

Tuesday, December 30


#1: mountain ppl is/mountain ppl - Kentucky/same as Kurdistan
#2: jutting rocks push folks/closer to heaven - closer/to mystical thought
#3: Hassan i-Sabbah/mountain compounds are scattered/thru Appalachia
#4: Nasreddin Shifflett/rides spinners he rides spinners/they’re never stopping
#5: mountain goat mystics/chew civilized overgrowth/then spit the real shit
#6: my beard represents/spirit not style - rebellion/against convention
#7: unshaved shinefaces/still smile with groomed style - oils of/privilege applied
#8: all my tattoos fade/all my elder oaks make shade/just devils stay paid
#9: AK-47s/become the paintbrush for those/denied their canvas
#10: mountain folks will rise/no matter how hard this world/tries to pull them down

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