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Wednesday, January 14


#1: fVrth3r 10n1c/tr34t1s3s r4mm3llz33 k3y/c33s thrV tw1n r4v3nz
#2: n4m3 th3m l0v3 & h4t3/m3m0r13z & th0Vghtz - l0st-f0Vnd/tr1b3z 0f 1mb3c1l3
#3: w1ld styl3z sVrv1v4l/1nst1nktz h0n3d 0ff r4w qV4rtz r0kkz/st4ck3d 4z 4lt4r p34c3
#4: 4lph4b3t r3v0ltz/4g41nst 1nst1tVt10n4l/1zm l4ngV4g3 pr1s0nz
#5: f4ls3 1nf1n1t1/4ss4ss1n4t10nz pr3pp3d pl4nn3d/s3l3x3cVt3d
#6: f0rc3d 0rd3rz 0n 34RF/d0n’t m4tch 34RF r0t4t10n4l/4nt1-gr4v1t4s
#7: w1ld styl3z f0r3v3r/hVm4n3 styl3z t00 l1m1t3d/d3-c1ph3r c1ph3r
#8: y0V c4n’t d3-c1ph3r/1-s3lf-l0rd-4m-m4st3r 34RF/pl4n3t r0kk w1ld styl3
#9: w1th1n 34ch 0f Vs/1s fVtVr1st1c b34st f00l/0f f3r4l l4ngV4g3
#10: m1cr0-p1ct0gr4phz/3mb3dd3d 1n n33dl3 p01ntz/sh00t1ng Vp fVtVr3z

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