RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition who publishes zines & physical books & electronic books & music & photography & digital art & just generally whatever feels necessary to survive this deluded earth thru Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts survival systems (Version 69, establish 14 Feb 1973). Comments encouraged.

Tuesday, January 27


#1: frankenstein chickens/genetics crossed until breasts/swell with human pride
#2: white meat or dark meat/ - cornish X marking spotty/transmission of thought
#3: domestication/causes mass devastation/of wild persuasions
#4: how does man unfuck/what he fucked up - how does man/let go “perfection”
#5: training battle cocks/back road regiments equipped/with samurai gaffs
#6: sun tzu’s art of war/translated into caw-cluck/chicken gabble speak
#7: chicken factory/farm - thousands of slavebirds in/tenement housing
#8: raven mack roosters/one day will rise (literal)/leading bird revolt
#9: cockfighting outlawed/but revolutionary/outlaw cocks still fight
#10: you won’t hear the crow/that dark day when vengeful cocks/doodle do your death

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