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Tuesday, January 27

triple translated freestyle sonnet

for no reason other than whatever, I used google translate to translate a bunch of my freestyle sonnets from english to traditional chinese, then from that traditional chinese translation to persian, then from persian back to english, thus the original english is completely deconstructed and you end up with something recognizable kind of, like this...

# 200
The Owl and the stomping through the day, a place to sit,
Nasreddin Shifflett hastily applied to boots
Tie, which tracks the mountains crawling reptile skins,
The belly of the snake steel 'full time long loot
Moisture slowly away, and we're still sitting in mystery -
Unemployed - absorb the energy of all the work,
Lava forge fire, compressed into a tool
People, simple spike, for example, was born of darkness
Iron and carbon, sled driven into the ground,
Press and hold the snake, "the way in which the weight
Including text and spirit, the power of people to find
Each cone create a robust cluster
Cunning can evoke the power of vision.
Sigils debris from construction - this is how we fight.

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