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Monday, May 11

Rojonekku Hand-to-Hand Haiku Tournaments 2015

So we've already done a couple of haiku events this year, but I've failed to update my site. Basically these are ongoing affairs of battle thru haiku, where I host/MC the event, and we all share through the crazy characters we indulge thru haiku, and fun is had and connections are made and the world's evil is destroyed with immensity of wonderfulness.
Here is a google doc link that explains how they work in greater detail than most humans think about caring for nowadays.
Also I can do this nonsense anywhere there is interest. I will tell tall tales of wonderful realness, as part of my philosophical wanderings thru the deserts of the North American wilderness. I work well with both children and the incarcerated (so far), and am able to talk in whatever direction might be important to you, so long as it is also halfway important to me. I'm not a prostitute, though I've got books and zines and other nonsense ephemera of Raven-life that I hopefully will sell enough of to get Greyhound bus money home. If not, oh well, I guess I'm homeless in your town. Congratulations. Just hit me up at ravenmack at gmail dotcom. Also I have a FB page and Twitter which I think are in the sidebar but maybe not too. Google that shit though. I'll show up.

Upcoming events:


First event in Richmond of 2015 at Balliceaux, Ryan Apehead won regular tournament in finals over Amy Wonderchicklady.

First event in Charlottesville of 2015, at Al-Hamraa in IX Art Park as part of IX@6. Mostly I yelled nonsense at people who didn't know me, and then Benji the Boatwright won a shortened field tournament.

A night of nonsense in Richmond again. Flash-brain the bartender won the tournament, Eric this dude won the battle royal, and I beat Mr. Revolt of the Apes in a ridiculous death match.

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