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Saturday, June 27

R.I.P. DJ Screw June 27th Megamix

Because it is June 27th, which is unofficially DJ Screw day, here is a megamix of a bunch of crap off of Screw tapes that I love more just a little bit than all the other crap on DJ Screw tapes. I will still talk a motherfucker's ear off about how Screw was ahead of his time, still so, and a heavily underrated influence not just on hip hop but pop music. So here is:

What is on this: intro/roller skates/crossroads/five minutes of funk/represent the south/recline & shine/sunny dayz/smoke on/world of mine/running the underground/groovin' on a sunday/eazy does it/every year/time/public enemy/posse on broadway/steppin out/loves gonna get you/be thankful.../codeine fiend flow/purple stuff/country rap tune/knockin' pictures off the wall

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