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Monday, August 31

45s on 33 – #10: “Follow the Leader”

I haven’t written much about the specific songs during this summer countdown of slowed down tracks, at least not in the digitized cyborg version, mostly because there are programs scouring for these things everywhere, just looking to send somebody a threatening email with vague legal bullshit being mentioned without heart. This is a strange time to be alive because we are more connected to things nowhere near us at all, and yet completely disconnected to our immediate surroundings. And then again maybe that’s normal now, and I’m a fucking idiot fool. Maybe that’s the new normal, and to not want to mention specifically what I’m actually mentioning is unnecessary obfuscation and I should just write the song titles on my dick and take a picture and make that the post.
Do the Knowledge is one of many planted in my brain by Rakim, who line for line had more depth than any MC ever. There is no doubt our depth of language has been lost, and that’s not just old man talk, that’s a byproduct of us being able to communicate quicker with more visual imagery. The necessity of actual lengthy language is no longer as necessary. It’s a strange regression, although that assumes that progress is more language, which may not be true either. Perhaps the ultimate form of expression is to just shoot single grunts at each other but be able to convey a depth of meaning within that grunt.
But a part of doing the knowledge was breaking things apart, digging out the meaning of the parts and what that all added up to as a whole. The parts are smaller now, but it seems like the meaning within those smaller parts might be a lot deeper than we realize, but we are only accepting the superficial surface meaning. Or then again, maybe everybody else is seeing the entire depth of meaning and I’m the lone idiot. I certainly feel that way most days lately. Whatever though.

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