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Saturday, September 5

45s on 33 – #5: “Troglodyte (Cave Man)”

I recently did a lot of reading on the hominid species that existed before homo sapiens because if you don’t learn your history you’ll be doomed to repeat it. When you think about the hundreds of thousands of years and evolutionary possibilities both past and future, it makes shit like global warming not that scary. I mean, things will still exist of some sort, just not me (but I’m going to die anyways). Of course, I was just standing in the kitchen in the dark of the middle of the night eating butterscotch cookies, only barely lit by the dull green digital time showing on the stove (which some people call range). The stove time is always five minutes behind for some reason, and I’m not sure where that five minutes went, but again, when I think about future hominids twenty thousand years from now walking on an earth where even all the plastic has decomposed, that five minutes doesn’t seem so important.
Human consciousness has created god and tall buildings and split atoms but also seems to think a little too highly of itself. I think even saying we are destroying the earth is somewhat egotistic. Even bemoaning other species dying off at a rapid rate does as well, because you know most other species are probably like “yo, humans are fucked, stay away.” Unfortunate for most plants they can only grow away, which is far slower than our predatory gait. But most other animals know what’s up, pretty much all of them except dogs and cats, and dogs we’ve broke them psychologically from raw wolf nature to where they are way into us. Cats, I’m not sure there, what with all the weird Egyptian hieroglyph alien suggestions, cats may actually be performing a long con on the earth using us as their tools. The cat feces-induced schizophrenia/dementia thing might just be their shutdown mode at the end, and then they’ll live for centuries just picking off birds in the square and rectangular concrete ruins of what was once human civilization.
The cool thing is there will always be some raggedy ass humans still around, even ten thousand years from now once the earth has become a blistering heat zone, and some new hominid starting to build a new hominidic civilization, and there’s gonna be some dumbass homo sapiens staggering along the fringes, and the new hominids will be like, “lolol, what a homo sapien… look at that stupid fucker.” I hope to be that stupid fucker (through my offspring, obviously, but I’ll try to be that myself should things evolve faster than expected).

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