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Wednesday, December 9

NEW Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts zines (issues 3 & 4)

I have had two new issues of my zine called the Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts zine for like over a month, but free money and free time are a Venn diagram of reality and my intersection is small. I readily admit I am of a position in life not necessarily what I felt born into, and thus my intersecting Free Time and Free Money Venn Diagram of Life Comfort is far larger than probably ever before since I’ve been a human being, but it still does not afford mailing shit out in a timely manner. No worries, I don’t have too many subscribers anyways. BUT GUESS WHAT – YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE TO MY ZINE 
Sure zines are archaic and somewhat counterintuitive to our current cultural trainings, but I am a rock solid master of archaic counterintuitive arts. (More like slave, if we are being honest.)
Also I decided to no longer offer selling individual issues. These are limited print runs of 150 each issue, and subscribers start with #001 and whatever is unsubscribed upon I’m just gonna mail out to whoever I feel like. You are certainly able to email or write me and suggest places I mail these extra issues out to, even if it’s just yourself, but likely I will follow my own witless whims and will (of the wisp). This is going to be a losing proposition most likely so fuck it, I’ll send them wherever I see fit outside of subscribers.

Oh hey, speaking of archaic and nonsensical, I’ve decided that with the beginning of the new year in 2016, there will be a ridiculous nonsensical gibberish blog I’ll be doing which will be accessible to subscribers to the zine as well. Most likely most subscribers will not bother checking that site, as most people don’t check this site, as we don’t really see ourselves culturally trained to “check” websites any more, outside of our supercenter one-stop social media shops. THE DAYS OF THE SIMPLE MOM-AND-POP RAMBLING CONSPIRATORIAL WEBSITE ARE GONE, YO. But this is a thing that makes me happy, this nonsense blog which will be called New Earth Writing, so I am going to do it as a subscriber bonus, although it won’t really be a bonus but your native born right as someone who gives me money for the weird shit that comes out my brain (or heart, or even gut… I am not sure of the origins to be honest).

So here is what is in these two new issues, which you will receive as the beginning of your subscription if you subscribe from any point between now and when I finish issue 5 (which may be next spring, or next week… no predictions).
INTRODUCTION (where I say hello)
BLOSSOM OF THE REDBUDS (nature’s screwed & chopped tree)
VULTURES & EAGLES (I saw some vultures)
BUDDHA DUMP TRUCK (tiny Buddha army in action)
THE PROMISE OF RAVEN MACK’S TILLER (neighbor neighbor, why you bugging)
DREAM JAGUAR (car, not spirit animal)
MADE-UP WOMAN NAMED HETTIE HITCHENS (a new place in my made-up worlds called Chuckrock)
TOP SEVENS (pointless lists)
TOO MANY KEYS (more blooze)
FACE TATTOOS (another ode)
ROJONEKKU T-SHIRT (not for real, more an exploration of possibilities)
FIRST UMBRELLA (sad pathetic realities of Raven Mack life)
OUTRO (where I say goodbye)

This issue has an intro and outro, like always, but it is the 45s on 33 list from last summer as seen on this website, except two things came together like peanut butter and chocolate: 1) You can’t really write about the actual music online when you are sharing download links because devil ass corporations get jacked up and send you threatening emails which mean nothing so long as you never acknowledge them; and 2) I felt like the three people who subscribe who might actually have read parts of the list on the website as well deserve more than that. So what I did was write a whole shitload more about the actual records, or just more nonsense, probably as much added new as was already there, and there was a shit ton of beautiful nonsense gibberish speaking in tongues the devil’s algorithms can’t understand Raven Mack bullshit in the list already. So it’s a giant compendium of even more nonsense. In fact, I only got to #73 on the list, which is why if you click it on this website now, it stops with #72, because I am deleting them from the cyber version as they appear in zine version. IT’S A BRAVE NEW WORLD, YO.

Anyways, I hope you will consider supporting whatever the fuck it is I do.

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