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Tuesday, December 22

frybread sonnet #005: WINTER SOLSTICE

"Little bit more sun today," said December sky;
I was scrolling through the In-Real-Life clouds, looking
up past micro-scope of man thought, watching crows fly
back and forth between oak penthouses. Life's hooking
tentacles of advancement, of false progress earned
don't mean as much (to me) as sitting outside, eyes
wide, watching as late December solar facts burned
few minutes longer. Underground starting to rise
with them so fresh so clean cycles of life, thinking
"little bit more sun today." Soon enough, fresh sprouts
will be sprung forth, hopeless doubts about death sinking
back into ground (background), as blossom chorus shouts
with its colorful chaos - "LITTLE BIT MORE SUN
TODAY" - solstice soul sustenance universe spun.

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Anonymous said...

I like it.