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Monday, January 4

frybread sonnet #007: NEW YEAR'S DESTABILIZATIONS

New Year means little when destabilization
has been the foundation of most previous ones;
predator drones and robot guns build state nation
of fear; but within each of us bitches blood runs

the same (except the Lizard People); this New Year
will attempt to bring the fear and loathing (again),
displaying Trump cards we scoffed at, trusting fogs clear
eventually, but when engineered by men

the fog might remain, fog blinds, destabilizes
vision, fills lungs surrounding heart with toxic smoke
of hate, tindered by truths ignorance surmises,
fueled by fear; a New Year yes, but still we seem to choke

happily on the fog, we hide in it, hoping
that something (not ourselves) ends the downward sloping.

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