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Tuesday, January 5

frybread sonnet #008: CULTURE OF SLOW DEATH

Culture of slow death, so that newness feels like fresh
breath, except it's never sustained, human brain trained
to equate trivia with intelligence, flesh
fatty from syzurp, sipping fast "facts" feeds, unstrained

information containing psychic cyanide;
but don't worry, science will figure it all out,
reclaiming human dominion of earth worldwide
through stainless steel advance; meanwhile, deniers doubt,

enraptured as various hitlers shout sound bites,
posting 20/20 hindsights, with sidebar ad
following cookie track. Culture of slow death fights
against In Real Life, leaving us depressed but mad.

To y'all young motherfuckers - run quick, don't get sucked
in, resist, this world badly needs to be unfucked.

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