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Wednesday, January 13


State of the Union of the vast Bird Tribe Compound -
water line's currently busted but whatever,
the woodsland paths behind house are strong with the sound
of crows dropping feral sky knowledge; I never

finished weatherproofing the two campers I bought
off Craigslist last spring, but they are full of projects,
one a shared space, the little one where I have wrought
much nonsense gibberish writing already, flecks

of dirtgod madness; the ol' lady's herbal school
teaching pavilion doubles as children's dance space;
the chickens keep busting through their fencing - it's cool
though; still got two goats, kooky little fuckers race

to taste sweet feed ev'ry morning; scrap metal pile's
big enough to cash out to fund future wild styles.

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