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Friday, January 15

frybread sonnet #015: WATCHING THE SLOW DEATH CLOCK

Wanted to write a sonnet about hope and peace
and shit like that, but honestly feel kinda tired,
wore down from endless outrage device, filing cease
and desist orders against wireless world inspired

by Orwellian worst case scenarios (rowww
roww like a dungeon dragon). Drank coffee at work
(like usual) because that's how we've been trained how
to do daily routine mundane blah blah... hopes lurk

somewhere still buried beneath the past due worries,
I guess in my heart maybe? Not sure, don't feel much
there except stress fist clenching tightly; age hurries
along it's too short course kinda fast, I can't clutch

after metaphorical sands of time, so fuck...
staring at the clock, pretending not to be stuck.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I pretend too.