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Thursday, January 21

frybread sonnet #017: SNOWSTORM

Sitting inside, chilling during blizzard, sipping
my elderberry syzurp, French press got cayenne
cardomom pod caffeine bean dirtgod blend dripping
into belly, woodstove full of blaze orange earth zen.

I got that innate genetic disposition
of dysfunctional Viking mixed breed buttermilk
beard southern personality; my condition
is piecemeal but still "peace" often - I know my ilk

is often doomed - not born to be silkgod. I'm straight
dirtgod from dirt road with dirty mind open wide;
in world designed by danawhites, I navigate
thinking "keep it between the ditches", but outside

all roads blanketed by two feet white purity;
so I sit contemplating my obscurity.

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