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Wednesday, January 27

frybread sonnet #019: BOY, VOTING SEEMS UGLY

SHOUT OUT to Trump supporters - build big walls but make
others pay for it (somehow), talk mad nonsense trash
but it's cool because it ain't the same; time to break
up Washington's status quo (by white dude with cash).

SHOUT OUT to Hillary supporters - let's maintain
upper middle class status quo while we pretend
to be cool with the poors, even if poors abstain
from accepting the condescended help we send.

SHOUT OUT to Bernie supporters - nothing is more
revolutionary than an old ass white dude
sounding like a Seinfeld uncle; let's end all war
with long-time sitting Senator's "new" attitude.

SHOUT OUT to non-voters - no real reason to care
about any of them bastards standing up there.

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