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Thursday, January 28

frybread sonnet #020: R.I.P. MACHO MAN SAVAGE

An ode to the Macho Man Savage - Looking down
from universe's top rope (no doubt), unable
any more to double axe handle upon crown
of fakers of the real fight - these far too stable

"smart" types, unaware of in-real-life's inherent
 madness; Macho Man understood, and his strange words
are still flying elbowdrops, making transparent
truths our manmade psychic fog confuses; buzzwords

and catch phrases spoken by pretend macho men
lack the same urgency, lack full comprehension
of life's harsh struggle between dark and light, and when
you're truly alive, each moment's ruled by tension

and conflict, between heart's desires and mind's training...
There's hardly any true Macho Men remaining.

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