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Wednesday, March 2

freestyle sonnet #030: ODE TO THE 2-HR LUNCH BREAK

Writing sonnets to occupy empty spaces
of day-to-day, which don't ever feel free, thus these
freestyle meditations fog out the rat races
going on around me. Life feels like a disease,

at least with regards to ways we *make a living* -
breathing feels paused, anxieties constant increase
manufactures clenched existence, unforgiving
posture bracing for impact against lack of peace

of mind. I used to self-medicate steadily,
and quit to break cycles, thus now hide behind word
scribbles like alcohol was used - I'll readily
admit I'm weak/wack/lost cause/lost effect/absurd

*man* trapped only in mind, but shit feels confining,
so fuck it, I'm out - see what blue sky's divining.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aren't we all a little weak and absurd?