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Wednesday, April 27

1st of The Month Rojonekku WFA support drive

So I am about to drop another two new issues of Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts zine (V and VI), and also about to mail about all the back issues of the first two issues I have left out this weekend as well, so wanted to throw this rock into this empty digital creek in the middle of the fogged out cyber-woods here… (so quiet, the birds are making noise, though you can hear them boys on their dirtbikes roaring off in the distance, at least it’s not hunting season, at least not legal hunting season).
Essentially this is me reminding and encouraging you to support Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts, which is a way of saying subscribe to the zine, except along with four issues of the zine you also get:

  • free copies of the ebooks versions of whatever I put out
  •  chance to be the one person a month who gets a railroad haiku spike
  •  plus your copy of each issue of the zine will have a personalized haiku
  • probably other shit too

Or you can paypal me direct to ravenmack at gmail.com - $30 for US ppl for 4 issues (plus all the other stuff), $40 for international for 4 issues (plus other stuff - a dude from Australia won the April haiku spike).
As for the free ebooks, I just started a new endeavor of $2 ebooks called N.E.W.tourneys a couple weeks back. The first one is called Sumo of BOOM! and is a sumo tournament, sort of, which takes place on New Earth, which is just like True Earth but also nothing at all like it. The second one (hopefully out by the end of April) is Mountain MystixXx, and is also a tournament but a poetry competition between mountain recluses as judged by crows. Each N.E.W.tourney will be a tournament of 8 entities, and the style is uh hard to explain, not really experimental so much as no fucks given. But you also get ebooks (as supporter) of all the old shit I’ve released too. It’s there for the asking if you subscribe/support Rojonekku.

(exhibit 69: railroad haiku spike)

The railroad haiku spikes are this thing I love to do where I wild harvest railroad spikes from alongside the James River where I power my spirit during these depleting times, and then I carve fucking haiku into the spikes. I am likely giving myself some horrible form of future cancer using the processes I use to engrave these things, but what is not giving us all horrible future cancer at this point? And if everything’s gonna give us future cancer, I’d rather make art than hot dogs, know what I mean? I used to sell these, and people have always loved them, but I decided to just do them for supporters, one a month, drawn random lottery style from the list of subscribers. In other words, it’s pretty much the only way to get a railroad haiku spike, at least from me. And anybody else doing them probably ain’t doing them right.

The Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts zine itself is one of my favorite things, but also fairly obsolete. I mean zines themselves are archaic, but my zines in particular are text heavy and I don’t really give a fuck about comics. The text is likely going to be broken up by cryptic images I tore out of some old book, or something worse. For example, this upcoming issue VI, I was about to lay out old images as the background for the text as I was literally cutting and pasting (actually taping – paste is for eating) and thought “man, taping old cryptic images is played out” so I took them outside and spray painted them with stencils and railroad spikes and scrap metal and shit. The master looks beautiful, and once depleted by inferior photocopying techniques it’s gonna be even more beautiful.
Ideally, if I could get ten new subscribers/supporters, it’d cover over half of how much I blow on two issues. (Previous subscribers can also re-up whenever they want.) I know it would make sense to be like “I’D LIKE TO GET ENOUGH NEW SUBSCRIBERS TO SUPPORT THE ENTIRE THING” but realistically, people don’t necessarily support things like this too easily. It’s not traditional, like you can’t be like, “Oh I gave $20 now I’m gonna get a comic book and a thank you card” like a traditional crowdfunding. Not even sure I’d consider this crowdfunding. But there are only 150 copies of each issue, and I’m subscribed out at like 30 I think? If I could get 20 new subscribers or re-uppers each two issues, I’d have that part covered at least. But I’ll be lucky if nine people have clicked the link to this page, and even luckier if even three of them read this far. Of those three, I bet two are already subscribed and the other one is broke.

So if you don’t want to or can’t subscribe, spread the word. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PAGAN MC (which is my way of saying if you can support what it is I’m doing – financially if you got it, but spreadaliciously with the word if you can’t).

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