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Friday, April 29


#1: all news websites are/digital era apter/mags, all quotes made-up
#2: apter mag letters/no different than comments/on news articles
#3: web full of robots/manufacturing opinions/on who's heel, who's face
#4: Top 10 Most Hated/funded by Soros, funded/by DOD grants
#5: Pulitzers, Nobels,/Presidents, Senators - all/chose behind closed doors
#6: booking the future/to keep attendance as high/as profitable
#7: who will main event/presidentialmania/two thousand 16?
#8: when will Bernie job?/will Cruz go full lawyer heel?/who will get the belt?
#9: whatcha gonna do/when Hillarymania/runs wild over you?
#10: cheer for who you want/results still predetermined/we should all riot

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