RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition. He does have an amazing PATREON, but also *normal* ARTIST WEBSITE too.

Sunday, May 22


#1: cr0w c4llz th1s m0rn1ng/s0Vnd3d l1k3 "DON'T WORK, DON'T WORK"/bVt 1 41n't l1st3n
#2: gr3Y sk13s w4s l1k3 "LAY/BACK, EMBRACE POWER OF LOUNGE"/bVt 1 41n't l1st3n
#3: cr33k bY s1x-tw3ntY/c0VntrY st0r3 s41d “TURN AROUND”/bVt 1 41n’t l1st3n
#4: r3d-br34st3d r0b1ns/w4s l1k3 “TITS, MOTHERFUCKER”/bVt 1 41n’t l1st3n
#5: pr1m0rd14l fr0gs/p33p1ng kn0wl3dg3 “CHILL CHILL CHILL”/bVt 1 41n’t l1st3n
#6: d4mp f4n b3lt sqV34l1ng/l1k3 “THIS IS ALL A MISTAKE”/bVt 1 41n’t l1st3n
#7: 0ld trVck t1r3s cl1ck3d 0n/1nt3rst4t3 “BULLSHIT BULLSHIT”/bVt 1 41n’t l1st3n
#8: gVt cr4mp1ng Vp, w1th/b1ll10n fl0r4 scr34m1ng “NOOOOOOOO”/bVt 1 41n’t l1st3n
#9: h34rt w0n’t f33l1ng r1ght/m4k1ng Vnn4tVr4l f1st/bVt 1 41n’t l1st3n
#10: br41n r1ght jVst1f13d/“THIS IS RIGHT & RESPONSIBLE”/l1k3 f00l, 1 l1st3n3d

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