RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition who does all types of things, daily. The best place to get it right now is his Patreon or find his books at Amazon.

Sunday, May 22


#1: fr3qv3nc13s r3c31v3d/fr3qv3ntlY w1th0Vt kn0w1ng/f0g d4mm(n)1ng fl0w1ng
#2: str34m 0f c0nsc10sn3ss/g03s wh3r3 n3c3ss4rY f0r/m0st Vnkn0wn r34s0ns
#3: m1sd1r3ct10n 0f/1nt3rn4l 3n3rg13s m4y/l34d t0 d3pr3ss10n
#4: t3chn0-4dv4nc3s/h1-j4ck 4tt3nt10n sp4ns thVs/d1v3rt 3n3rg13s
#5: th0Vghts b3c0m3 c0nsVm3d/bY c0nsVm1ng, 4ssVm1ng/1nd3ntVr3d n4tVr3
#6: n0th1ng's 3v3r n3w/n0th1ng r3m41ns 3t3rn4l/n0th1ng 1s p3rf3ct
#7: r3-c4l1br4t3d/s1m14n n3Vr0ns m4n4g3/mVlt1-t4sks b3tt3r!
#8: 3y3 4m n0t m4ch1n3/3y3 w0rk h4rd t0 h4v3 f33l1ngs/3y3 4m g1v3n f33ls
#9: 3y3 4m cl0s3d t1m3s tw0/h34rt cl3nch3d 1nt0 r3v0lt1ng/f1st 4tt4ck1ng m3
#10: 3y3 sh4ll r3tVrn t0/d1rt h0p3fVllY h4v1ng l34rn3d/n0th1ng's 1mp0rt4nt

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