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Thursday, June 9

45s on 33 – #89: “Frankenstein”

Ellabell, the metaphysical fairy spirit, explained to me and my hesher friend Rey-Rey, about a future version of us who was apparently now a malevolent force working against us in space-time continuum sort of suicidal struggle:

“One of the futures of you born from same baseship somehow slipped into figuring out a backdoor to time travel. Most creatures such as yourselves are limited to your present time, which is fine and not a limitation at all. Too many creatures in the universe traveling fourth dimension scale would create clusters and chaos on many astral planes, so it is for the best and nothing anyone should feel lesser about. Just as some things are limited to two dimensions, which you consider flat, some things are limited to three dimensions, which also is seen as flat.

“Thus you can see the dilemma in a third dimension creature traveling through time – their knowledge of what they are traveling is flat, literally limited by their own reality so that they don’t understand the full implications of what they do. A particular future you who we don’t know specifically which you it is yet, has pieced together things beyond his intelligence. When I say ‘we’, I mean the protectors of inspiration, which we do in order to sustain creation. Without creation, there is no color, no suns, no constellations of collaboration, no rainbows of what might be, and darkness swallows up all of it. Nothing can survive darkness, ultimately.

“This particular future you, we give him no name so as to not allow more power than he deserves to be present in him, he cobbled together from different versions of future you different qualities seen as successful. These successes were not in terms of quality of life, or in terms of feeling the joy of creation, but more attached to the financial fruits of those labors. We are certain this perversion of spirit came from the demons and their vile suggestions, but generally that only takes hold to an individual you in existence. We’ve never seen this flourish across multiple versions, and threaten an actual baseship.

When I say this future you has pieced these things together, he has only done it to himself, by traveling to these other versions born from the same baseship, and frankensteined the little portions he’s observed into his own ways. He is the Frankenstein monster but also the creator of the monster, which goes against the universally known fable, I know.

“But now that he knows he can travel, he hopes to get to the original source baseship, and apply his dark learnings to those original membranes, so that the Heart Stars of inspiration which are produced are fogged out with his perversions of goal. This is dangerous. Generally speaking, throughout the universe, the dark delusions can congeal an individual heart, which is conduit of the source baseship, so that the individual heart no longer receives inspiration, and spirit shrivels up and dies. But never before have we seen an actual baseship go dark and potentially begin producing dark Heart Stars pre-lost to demon desires. We’re not even sure what would happen if this began to be. The fact creatures such as yourselves shriveled up spiritually when the darkness overwhelmed was certainly sad, but it was also a self-defense mechanism for the larger universe, in that you did not create further demon desires. Thus creation has always meant life, and color, and the universe’s quintessence is associated with that. But if this Frankenstein of a man can accomplish his wretched goals, he will maximize the abstract wealth of future versions of him, but we don’t know for certain how it’s going to change the basic nature of the universe.

“You two are two of the only three of you who have actually been to your source baseship. We, the protectors of inspiration, ask that you contemplate its connection to you, and what you might be able to do to protect it, and thus yourself, as well as each other.”

Me and Rey-Rey looked at each other, both flummoxed by how complicated this shit was, both of us kind of simple dudes anyways, and then Ellabell was gone and Rey-Rey was gone and I was in my field, like everything was normal, no Frankensteins, it wasn’t even close to Halloween.

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