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Monday, June 27

June 27th Mix 2016

In honor of June 27 - DJ Screw Day, I had meant to do a write up about how much screwed music has been part of my life the past decade-plus, and how that spirit is influential on why I bother to listen to and rip old 45s at 33 speed and write convoluted serialized tales of time travel and bastard overlords and such (45s on 33 – daily operation all through the summer, last year and this and hopefully beyond), but then life became overwhelmingly depressing, and it’s been all I could do to keep moving through the sludge. But here is a mix of the 45s on 33 from last year’s list of 100 that have been the most played, according to iTunes data analysis. Please enjoy responsibly.

track listicle
1. tR0GL0DYT3
2. fLy l1K3 4n 34GL3
3. dR34Mz t0 r3M3MB3r
4. s4m sT0N3
5. cRYST4l bLV3 p3RSV4S10n
6. b0Rn p00r
7. r4MBL1n g4MBL1n m4n
8. sT4GG0L33
9. tVSh
10. c4LL1Ng d0CT0r l0V3
11. m1ST3r sP33d
12. y34h y34h y34h
13. d0Wn 0n tH3 c0RN3r
14. gH0St w4Lk

15. tH3 r4p

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