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Friday, October 14

New Writing books now available: Shard Haiku & Rojonekku Book-a-Zine

Recently released this past week or so are two new Raven Mack offerings of human language.

#1: SHARD HAIKU: BOOK ONE: which is collection of the some of the sets of ten haiku deemed "shard haiku" because I firmly believe in writing you can stab people with, but not people so much as civilization. These can be seen in some form on the rojonekku twitter or using the shard haiku tag on this site. But this book is a selection of them, in printed form. It makes a great addition to any cinderblock and milk crate book shelf. (There is no kindle version because the font used is a tough one, and that is by design, and kindle processing sterilizes font into a weak spiceless pablum of readability, which I can sometimes abide by, but not in this case.)

SHARD HAIKU BOOK at Create Space, and at Amazon

#2: ROJONEKKU BOOK-A-ZINE: VOL. 1: which is a collection of the assorted ramblings of me. A large chunk of the first half of this is taken from the four of the six issues of my Rojonekku zine, but being I have recently decided to retire from the zine format I previously used (due to costs) and put those poetic-philosophical nonsense gibberish preachings out in this form, there's a lot of new shit too. Essentially, as I explain in the thing (and sub-title it), it is more than a zine but also probably less than a book, if you are inclined to think of book as novel. That's not to say it's not as good as a book, because you will read the fuck out of this more than most "real" books. I'm pretty great at the unreal. (And there is kindle versions of this one.)

ROJONEKKU BOOK at Create Space, at Smashwords, and at Amazon

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