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Sunday, June 18

patreon con mack retro active backwards release transmission 52

I have A PATREON which means you can just give me money for doing ridiculous internet shit, in real life. But I am also a horribly busy and aging person who might be better off disappearing from civilized tracked life than continuing to dig deeper into the labyrinth of bullshit.
Of the many promised and sometimes even delivered things for patreons is I am uploading back issues of my old Confederate Mack zine, working backwards from the end, into a shared drive. You give as a little as a dollar, and you got access to it. Uploaded issue 52 today.
This is classic C-Mack era in my opinion, and I often wish I wrote this prolifically and chaotically today. There is zero point to most all of it (talk of blunts and metalheads who smoke weed and Honda Civics and Weirton, WV, and how Scottsville the small town I live at was changing), but it carries weight despite being pointless. In fact, that's probably the clinical dirtgod style (both in retrospect and thinking about what I do now) - it is seemingly pointless, but pretty pointed, just (hopefully) not pretentious. Of course explaining it as such made it pretentious.
Anyways, throw some patreon money at me if you desire, or don't, and if you already have and see this GUESS WHAT THERE IS A NEW ISSUE UP ON THE DRIVE (also I am sending you a postcard this week).

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