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Thursday, August 17


(creeping past racist congregation leaving 
McIntire Park August 12, full of fear and anger) 

Feeling adrift without mooring, knowing I should 
do more, but not sure where though. Egos commandeer 
so many well-intentioned movements; actions start out good 
then get lost in semantics' tall grasses. Yet fear 

of this by the masses - the common folks who stay 
out the way as passive act of disgust with whole 
process and system only enable delay 
of tide turning. After last weekend, heart and soul 

tells me I should do more - far more - with ride-or-die 
dedication to improve collective station 
(regardless of nation), more thoughts of "us" than "I". 
Trying already, without self-celebration 

because it's not enough... need to give more of me, 
plus many more "I"s, to guarantee all feel free. 

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