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Monday, August 21

freestyle sonnet #094: ONE WEEK PAST AUGUST 12TH

The tear gas long wafted away, the streets been cleared 
of debris leftover from the public attack 
perpetrated to manufacture optics. Seared 
images in head of marauding racists thwack 

at calm moments. White skin, white outfits like clockwork 
orange at top of alley beside police station 
(of all places), chatroom nazis with deranged smirk 
making In Real Life sub-reddit, shaping nation 

by August 12th act. And the news cycle moves on, 
The Discourse parsing semantics of "both sides"; 
but for us here the memories not nearly gone - 
still shook as fuck, stuck in shock, feeling the divides 

conquer simple humanity - whitehouse effect 
that simply being human doesn't earn respect. 

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