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Sunday, October 1

this morning would've been 25-man metaphysics scheduled post, so I had that shit in mind as my site stayed dark. updating all these stupid projects I come up with is not easy, but also I enjoy it and expect nothing. so I'll probably return to pics & short poem again this week, maybe, at slower schedule, but a lot of projects hung in the middle or ongoing which will never actually find an end point are just gonna stop (like the metaphysics for EPL teams thing).
it feels stupid to update a fuckin' obscure ass website with such self-important status of "what I'm doing moving forward" but fuck it, I know ppl see this page and check it when the link pops up on their social media feeds. but though I'm sharing here, I can't share openly. there's been things going on for years, with new things added all the time, that I can't actually share openly bc wrong ppl might read it or take it wrong way or this or that. that's no longer being able to express yourself - instead that's just going thru the pretend motions of expression in act of building ego. that's basically what most of the internet is now at this point - personal branding, which is good enabling term for building ego off data.
anyways, much love to those that do come here looking to keep up with me, and pray for your boy. dirtgods are resilient as fuck, but microbacterial imams know and teach us all well, no one survives as far on their own.

if you're one of the four people that might be like "damn, I liked those 25-man metaphysics soccer things" don't fret, been working on one for World Cup which I'll self-publish some point early next year. it's already pretty dope.

and also, this is not a need for you to reach out, worrying, being like "what's up brvh?" I got this. I'm good. reach out in your world though, bc it's a ton of people suffering life catastrophes in silence bc they're afraid of the repercussions of someone knowing, or are just barely holding it together to get thru the constraints already put on their life by financial obligations. if you worried, reach out around you, bc you should be worried. a lot of ppl out here struggling.

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