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Tuesday, March 6

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number twelve "east mcs"

[the month is gone but the heroic crown ain't done nor did I post up all 13 tracks; fuck borders, even self-made] 

Keep middle fingers wiggling in ev’ry loose brick, 
sick to my gut intuition about living 
in western decline’s doomed shadows - let it fall quick; 
people that’s been through struggle are more forgiving, 
though many days feel like barely breathing; still strive 
to strike with spark to keep heart lit like solar facts; 
choking on Yakubian tricks but still alive 
so gots to create these illegitimate acts 
of anti-heroic artistic existence; 
trapped inside digital labyrinth of zeroes 
and ones but try to create ripples with persistence - 
marginalized outsiders long been my heroes, 
breaking down walls necessary, by any means; 
loosen shit, with resistance for minds like machines. 

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