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Tuesday, March 13

Hatsu Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day 15: RYUDEN (10-5)

[an outstanding performance gif] 

my apologies for 
withdrawing like an injured 
yokozuna, y’all 

once Tochinoshin had won, 
wasn’t much left to tanka 

but let me also 
give glowing accolades to 
the young Ryuden 

the lanky youngster appears 
to be poised for true stardom 

Japan’s sumo world 
will suck the soul out of young 
promising natives 

but Ryuden carried himself 
well, winning Fighting Spirit 

(he shared with Abi, 
but I already wrote ‘bout 
Abi earlier) 

(now we are officially 
caught up, time for Osaka) 

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