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Friday, June 8

SONG OF THE DAY: Red Light Special

1994 Raven straight up was in love with T-Boz, and might still be to be honest. I’ve got weird old thrift store lamp I’ve had for years in my bedroom now that I’ve moved, which had been in my various dilapidated writing campers for years before this move, that now is an official bedroom lamp. The base of this lamp has a little bulb inside that you can turn on to make red light. It is pretty epic, and I utilize it as often as possible, because of this song, because of red lights, because why not, and all of the above plus other reasons and meanings.
Also would like to point out recently used TLC as a teaching moment to my 10-year-old, who is a pretty physical and active and not fucking around with people kid, telling her about Left Eye and how she burned up former (but current at the time of fire) lover Andre Rison’s mansion because he was abusive. My 10-year-old was like, “That’s what I’m gonna do.” I requested, “Well maybe don’t get involved with abusive people.” “Well, if I do, that’s what I’m gonna do.” And as a parent I’d like to believe I can guide and nurture and my children will avoid all abuses and horrible humans, but you know, Earth is full of people and people are people, so hey, just gotta teach survival skills, and how to not get trapped, or at least have the self-confidence to not overlook and suffer abuses unnecessarily.
Anyways, ‘90s R&B, fuck the world.

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