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Wednesday, June 27

World Cup Finale: GROUP E FINALE (Matches 43 & 44)

Switzerland seems to 
have best path to advancement 
with Costa Rica 

Central American squads 
look to not truly belong 

Brazil always a 
favorite, but flirting with 
German-like crash out 

Serbia has been solid 
squad thus far, sharp on both ends 

punishing Balkan 
defense versus a man who 
falls when wind blows hard 

will Neymar sell the angle well 
enough for penalty win? 

put simply, Brazil 
and Switzerland advance 
if all stays level 

Serbia needs to win, and 
Costa Rica plays spoiler 

far less glory to 
upsetting Switzerland than 
beating Germany 

still though, prospect of Brazil 
and Germany both gone's there 

fuck it, let's make it 
happen; the Swiss score first, but 
then Brazil does too 

top half of table looks to 
remain top half of table 

I'm tuned out mostly 
to be honest - exhausted 
from this morning's games 

with Switzerland and Brazil 
both winning, meh whatever 

but Costa Rica 
draws level, and seems to be 
showing some spirit 

another small nation swan 
song out of World Cup group stage 

seems that Serbia 
should be playing with bit more 
passion than they are 

there's a shocking lackluster 
level of inspiration 

they need two, and with 
thirty minutes left, anxious 
attacks start coming 

William and company 
make dangerous quick counters 

and in fact, just as 
Serbia started showing 
life, Brazil spikes them 

curling Neymar service 
off Thiago Silva's head 

no real drama left, 
as Switzerland can ease off, 
advancing forward 

gonna be a Swedish/Swiss 
round of 16 knockout match 

Mexico's reward 
for backing forwards shall be 
now woke Brazilians 

so few non-European 
teams moving foward, that's sad 

I'd gotten excited 
about possibility 
of Brazil ousting 

I strongly dislike Neymar, 
even more so than Messi 

neither's inspiring - 
a pair of self-important 
talented assholes 

football without spirit, turn 
it on at the end... big yawns 

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