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Thursday, June 21

World Cup Tanka: ARGENTINA vs. CROATIA (Match 23)

Messi had failure 
demons come calling in their 
World Cup opener 

Icelandic goalkeep stopping 
shouldn't miss penalty kick 

Croatia was hard, 
beating poor Nigeria 
into submission 

expect more of the same from 
heartless Balkan motherfucks 

physical first half, 
Croats playing their normal 
strong style defense 

at halftime, Messi hath not 
struck yet, and looks unsettled 

he's had the face of 
man carrying heavy weight 
through qualifying 

second half, simple keeper 

Caballero serves 
practice volley to Rebic, 
who breaks the world's heart 

suddenly down one, Lio 
Messi looks like "what the fuck?" 

Sampaoli stalks 
the sideline, frantic, worried, 
looking like madman 

desperate struggle tragedy - 
Modric delivers dagger 

stoppage time third 
goal, and Croatia is through 
to the knockout rounds 

Argentina is fucked - not 
out, but they've been defeated 

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