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Saturday, June 16

World Cup Tanka: ARGENTINA vs. ICELAND (Match 6)

Messi without doubt 
the best pure talent, yet still 
lacks metaphysics 

Maradona's ghost always 
lurking, with a mocking laugh 

Iceland's never been 
here before, cultivated 
team since teenage years 

so much World Cup promotion 
featured feel-good viking claps 

superior stars 
from Argentina versus 
true Icelandic "team" 

our first live viking clap drowned 
out by raucous Argentines 

Aguero strikes first - 
I think "well, here we go," but 
Iceland's viking tough 

(viking shit co-opted as 
aryan shit's a thing I hate) 

halftime, we're even - 
never would've guessed that; high 
drama second half 

Messi has penalty blocked, 
drunken viking crowd erupts 

maybe Messi should 
try cocaine - it certainly 
helped Maradona 

Iceland stays remarkably 
cool, despite intense pressure 

tiny nation's shock 
draw - Reykjavik gonna be 
rocking all night long 

Messi remains snakebitten; 
this Iceland team might be blessed 

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