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Monday, June 18

World Cup Tanka: BELGIUM vs. PANAMA (Match 13)

Belgian powerhouse, 
King Leopold's greedy dreams 
realized through football 

so many players I like, 
despite colonization 

Panama's first cup, 
and they're qualification 
was so amazing 

Panama's American, 
"I reach down... between my legs..." 

Panama upstarts 
versus Belgian tradition - 
that's the story 

we've seen shock results galore 
so far group stage first cycle 

Belgian attack lacks 
low gear it appears at first, 
but then starts stalling 

they dominate possession, 
but don't seem to get past that 

still nil-nil at start 
of second half; not long though, 
because Mertens strikes 

an above the clouds angled 
volley escapes goalkeep's grab 

Belgian argyle kits 
complacently pass away 
remaining minutes 

then just like that, Lukaku 
heads in a second goal 

a team this lesser 
is not going to surmount 
two goals down this late 

Panama would've needed 
perfection to win this one 

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