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Friday, June 22

World Cup Tanka: BRAZIL vs. COSTA RICA (Match 24)

Brazil training pitch 
drama this week regarding 
Neymar’s limping round 

Neymar is a punk - all the 
talent in the world, but weak 

Costa Rica has 
feel of another World Cup 
motion-goer team 

other than their goalkeeper, 
they’ve shown very little fire 

a most uninspired 
group stage match for most of the 
way, nothing felt real 

how do you go through four-year 
process sans intensity? 

props to referees 
for letting them play, but still 
Neymar goes fishing 

you breathe too close to that dude 
and it’s like scythe chopped him down 

South American 
teams struggling mightily, from 
the wrong hemisphere 

(rarely do nations from the 
other side of Earth win this) 

in the end, as it 
should be, Brazil decided 
to bang couple in 

sure, it was in extra time, 
but they still did what they should 

both Coutinho and 
Neymar score; ultimately, 
Brazil’s shown weakness 

will they seize throats and squeeze? or 
will they fall down in cosplay? 

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