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Tuesday, June 19

World Cup Tanka: COLOMBIA vs. JAPAN (Match 15)

have an amiga 
de futbol at work, and she's 

she is wearing national 
team jersey, like all big games 

I'm indifferent 
about Japan for most part; 
they don't seem soccer 

what's Yukio Mishima 
thinking on football culture? 

barely five minutes 
in and Carlos Sanchez plays 
goalkeeper - red card 

Kagawa converts, and now 
Colombia's only ten 

Falcao goes into 
footballing thespian mode, 
seeking penalty 

Quintero pulls schoolboy trick 
on free kick for trickling goal 

we remain firmly 
drawn unto the second half, 
which moves slower speed 

Japan is such a boring 
team, this has always been true 

passionless football 
can survive group stages, but 
gets knocked the fuck out 

(I've not mentioned how ugly 
the World Cup football looks yet) 

Colombia looked 
fatigued, ten men wearing down, 
as was Ospina 

corner kick feeds Osako 
header - Japan has shock win 

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