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Monday, June 18

World Cup Tanka: COSTA RICA vs. SERBIA (Match 9)

to be honest, slept 
through first half; after four days 
real life creeps back in 

Costa Rica was the shit 
at last Copa Mundial 

few ethnicities 
freak me out like Serbians - 
raw intense people 

had a Serbian boss once, she 
made amazing baklava 

first half looked to be 
(upon further review) a 
Serbian barrage 

Keylor Navas had hella 
highlight saves, keeping it clean 

second half begins 
with constant Serbian threats, 
Navas standing strong 

but then Kolarov bends free 
kick into a rippling net 

Los Tikos lacking 
potent thrust inside the box, 
just dicking around 

Serbian's defense is an 
efficient stifling machine 

Serbia has no 
shortage of full sleeve tattooed 
dudes with murder eyes 

frantic final minutes scrum 
along sidelines - fisticuffs 

vicious Serbians 
getting video review - 
yellow not red card 

pugilistic yet fluid 
Serbian team gets the win 

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