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Saturday, June 16

World Cup Tanka: CROATIA vs. NIGERIA (Match 8)

went public for this 
one - fake German beer hall in 
old Coke factory 

mint kombucha on tap for 
ya boy the sober Dirtgod 

"Go Super Eagles! 
Fuck Croatia!" quietly 
since there's Croats here 

wait, not Croats, just assholes, 
but now also Africans 

a Slavic vaper 
arrives; praise Allah I quit 
drinking years ago 

hardcore Balkan/African 
culture clash - on screen and live 

more loud Africans 
arrive; corner kick own goal 
quiets us all down 

Croatia sttles into 
grinding, ball hoarding, ughness 

oh Victor Moses, 
please save us from this hellball 
in the second half 

frantic African English 
begging of the football gods 

errant sidewalk slam 
in the box allows Modric 
penalty shot goal 

the mood at fake beer hall has 
gotten horribly somber 

meandering walk 
home through town, pass post-yard sale 
box full of free stuff 

Nigeria didn't score, 
but I got a free blender 

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