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Thursday, June 21

World Cup Tanka: DENMARK vs. AUSTRALIA (Match 21)

no real dog in this 
fight, though have greasy hands full 
of Australian friends 

don't really like Denmark since 
I'm anti-European 

Australia's dark green 
kits not great as canary 
yellow, not at all 

at least they have neon green 
names and numbers (and aura) 

not following game 
too closely, been fucking off 
at the job too much 

nobody's said anything, 
working class guilt's been triggered 

of course, if football 
is for the people, then why 
should I feel guilty? 

because in America, 
soccer is about profit 

corporate sponsors, 
exclusive television 
rights, vast corruption 

dollar dollar bill, y'all; I 
listen to authorized call 

Group C's slow boil lacks 
the necessary drama - 

tied at halftime, internet 
ablaze with VAR discussion 

didn't even listen 
half-heartedly, half-assing 
at work rest of match

tied at full-time, single point 
for both teams confuses group

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