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Friday, June 15

World Cup Tanka: EGYPT vs. URUGUAY (Match 2)

Salah's superstar 
was dragged back to Earth by that 
raw bastard Ramos 

his availability 
weighed heavy with nation's hopes 

Uruguay has won 
World Cup multiple times - but 
has an aging squad 

Luis Suarez remains the 
footballing world's greatest heel 

Salah begins match 
on sidelines, with tons of hyped 
Egyptians in stands 

Uruguay is unbeaten 
against Africa in Cup 

one win and two draws, 
but that one win... poor Ghana 
in 2010 

quarterfinal extended 
remix in South Africa 

the most heartbreaking 
loss I've ever seen in sports... 
that bastard Suarez 

Egypt played with speed and heart, 
continental vengeance 

ultimately though, 
death from 89th minute 
Gimenez header 

perhaps if that goal happened 
earlier, we see Salah play 

as it stands, Egypt 
looked great without star player; 
Uruguay was dull 

but Uruguay got three points, 
Pharoahs left thinking "what if?" 

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