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Sunday, June 24

World Cup Tanka: ENGLAND vs. PANAMA (Match 30)

early English group 
stage successes has triggered 
fanbase delusions 

remember: this is still young 
team - temper expectations 

Panama's highlight 
will be qualification - 
they're no Mexico 

how bad is U.S. soccer 
that we're worse than Panama? 

before you know what's 
up, John Stones (yes, John Stones) scores 
his first of two goals 

Lingard goal plus two Harry 
Kane penalties before half 

five-nil at halftime 
is ten up versus Central 
American teams 

second half essentially 
really expensive friendly 

Kane so blessed today 
literally got hat trick 
by chance off his heel 

motherfucker didn't have 
to do anything to score 

Panama did get 
on the scoreline, and their fans 
went wild - first-timers 

side note: Ramon Torres is 
the best, I'll always love him 

anyways, English 
already advanced, so their 
Belgian match mute point 

let the delusions of grandeur 
begin to emanate, chaps 

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