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Thursday, June 21

World Cup Tanka: FRANCE vs. PERU (Match 22)

France was supposed to 
dominate, but had trouble 
beating Australia 

I mean, they did - better than 
other powers (who all drew) 

Guerrero's flashy 
heel kick shot made me question 
why he didn't start 

spirit warriors like that get 
played until no life is left 

Peru came storming 
out with spirit, but France has 
unequalled talent 

Pogba, who appeared absent 
first match despite goal, goes hard 

delicate touches 
as conductor of offense - 
a mark of the greats 

Pogba snatches Peru's ball, 
to Giroud, to Mbappe 

the entire segment 
so quick and deadly - that's the 
full force French team's threat 

up one at half, with Peru 
looking worse for wear as well 

second half had good 
pace for French team, but needn't 
do anything more 

lack of equalizer meant 
Peru eliminated 

nothing ever came; 
the French punched their ticket to 
knockout tournament 

Peru's long, hard-fought return 
to the World Cup mostly done

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