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Sunday, June 24

World Cup Tanka: GERMANY vs. SWEDEN (Match 29)

German opener 
loss perhaps the biggest shock of 
much shocking World Cup 

they're not composed of single 
player though - football machine 

a Swedish upset 
would eliminated champs from 
advancing further 

not sure Swedes have it in them, 
but anything can happen 

early bloodletting 
had Germans limping along 
not fully full-speed 

dude named Ola cashed in with 
Swedish curler to take lead 

unto break remained 
this scoreline; halftime pundits 
forecast German doom 

they came back out from tunnel 
firing though, equalized quick 

after that, became 
a slog - Swedes clutching dearly 
at this huge upset 

Germans attempting to not 
suffer dark group stage knockout 

side note - Boateng has 
for long time been most worthless 
man on German squad 

leg scissors takedown red card 
puts Germans man down at end 

wide open extra 
time going both ways, but Kroos 
exclamation point 

crazy curling free kick trick 
shot allows Germans relief 

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